Mothers Day, Stepmothers Day

My breakfast today was brought to me in bed, after I had already been awake four hours, because I wake at 4:00 every day to write. When my husband Eric alerted me the kids were ready, I slipped back into my pajamas, and the kids brought me the breakfast we love best: Toast with butter and a side of Hershey kisses, yogurt with Carvel crunchies, and a big glass of Mango Tango – our favorite. My five children are age 10 to 15 now and they have been bringing me this breakfast for as many years as I can remember.

I ate my breakfast in bed while they gave me their handmade cards – always a part of the Mother’s Day Ritual. Even my 15-year-old stepson Luke still makes a card for me, albeit, at my request. This year, as she does every year my stepdaughter Jamie, gave me her handmade note, which I reveal here:

Everyone is always saying “Your stepmom is so cool,” and I say, “I know.” But you are more than just cool you are someone to trust and rely on and extremely funny! And probably the most fashionable adult ever and remember YOU ARE AWESOME,” I love you, Jamie

Jamie and Luke left after breakfast to be with their mom, as they should. But my joy over that note stuck to me all day.