An Iridescent Life, Essays on Motherhood and Stepmotherhood

“Marcelle details each story with vivid imagery, descriptions of sights, sounds, personal backgrounds, humor, and an intertwined thread of her thoughts, her feelings and the dialog she had with family, friends and others. Iridescent is a great word to describe the impression left on the reader, like a stained glass window whose many colors allow some glimpse into the authors life, family and home.” -Brian Kesselman

At a time when American mothers are being shunned for doing everything wrong, the essays in An Iridescent Life celebrate the perfectly imperfect lives of an everyday mom/stepmom trying to raise kids without a guaranteed guidebook and with rules that seem to keep changing at every step along the way.

Can you be the perfect mom with a husband, 5 children, and two ex-spouses?  In these often poignant, sometimes humorous and always honest personal stories the ups and downs of motherhood and stepmotherhood are recollected and crafted into short keepsakes for the reader.

Readers will enjoy following the lives of this blended family in short tales that range from meeting a stepson-to-be for the first time, to watching a daughter go to her first high school dance, to hosting the bat mitzvah party for the ex-husband’s family.

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