Writing Seminars and One-on-One Writing Coaching

Writing Seminars: Seminars vary from three to four hours in length and are held at Westport Writers’ Workshop in Westport Connecticut, or at Marcelle’s writing studio in Wilton, Connecticut. Seminars can also be facilitated at group venues, including schools and libraries. Email info@marcellesoviero.com to request more information.

Unstuck: Overcoming Writer’s Block. A crash course in creativity, this class offers dozens of tips and strategies to fuel your writing and overcome writer’s block. This 3-hour seminar packs more fun and inspiration into the writing process than you could have imagined.

Get Your Short Work Published: How to publish essays, memoir chapters, stories and poems. Writers will learn how to use online market databases and print market directories to find and refine markets for their short work. All participants will develop an individualized publishing plan and strategy by the end of the session.

Publish Your eBook: From Writer to Writer: Marcelle shows writers the entire life cycle of the process of publishing an eBook drawing on her first-hand experience. From inception to design to conversion to finished book. Participants will leave with a full set of resources to start the process for themselves. This seminar is being offered at Westport Writers’ Workshop on Saturday September 15, 2012 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Visit the Westport Writers’ Workshop website to register.

The Writing Habit: The focus of this class is to design and develop productive writing strategies that work for the individual writer.

The Art of the Personal Essay: Learn to write personal essays from your life experiences. This seminar covers all aspects craft related specifically to writing an essay from inspiration to completed work.

Coaching for Writers

Marcelle has been teaching writing for more than 20 years. She offers private one-on-one consultations on an hourly or package price basis. Writers can choose to work on one essay or chapter on an hourly basis or choose a package plan (5 to 10 hours) to work on a full-length collection or memoir.

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